Lousiana HIMSS Podcast - NEW

LAHIMSS will also be producing new PODCASTS beginning in March, 2024. Our community will now have the convenience of accessing the latest information at any time. As we schedule speakers, we will be sending out a request for your questions, giving you the opportunity to have your voice heard.

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Join us for a very insightful interview with Dr. Gillispie-Bell, where she sheds light on

"The Roots of Health Disparities."

Our very own LA HIMSS Board member, Sidney Bennett, leads the conversation and delves deep into the topic and poses questions from our LA HIMSS community. 

Dr. Gillispie-Bell is a renowned Board-Certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist and Associate Professor for Ochsner Health in New Orleans, and we are thrilled to have her share her experience on this topic.

PODCAST LINK: LaHIMSS Podcast - The Roots of Health Disparities | RSS.com

YouTube: The Roots of Health Disparities - YouTube